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Final Fantasy Legends

a rpg for final fantasy lovers have fun
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PostSubject: Story   Story Icon_minitimeThu Jan 04, 2007 3:19 pm

In year 30 000 AD a war Raged between 2 tribes.Both fighting for one to gain full power.One for the power of Darkness,The other for the protection of the people(power of light).The Side of Darkness was winning,But there leader was killed by his son and the son took over speeding up the progress taking more of the planets around the galaxy.Over time There was the last planet left.Earth.It had to stand up to a fleet and an army of over 300000 trillion men against the forces of earth which numbered at 16 billion.The lasted for 1000 years and the darkness was winning.Tell one Day a man by the name of Drakus Hunter sacrificed his life.He offered himself to the God of light to strike down The Fiend known as Cronus Lucrost.The God exepted his offer and A beam of light came out of the temple and Struck all the men in the the way of it killing them instantly.Cronus Got hit by the beam And vanished.

30 000 years later the tides of Darkness have started to awaken once again.Unknown to man and Unknown to the people on Gonciara(main headcourteds at one time of the Darkness army.)the leader of Darkness was being reborn and Cronus is still walking the earth in his insane mind form.Even though this is happening behind the eyes of all the planets.The land again was prosperus and came with life.

Gonciara at one time was covered with darkness now only half of it is.Every passing day it increases by 5mm.
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