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 Classes and Sub-classes

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Classes and Sub-classes Empty
PostSubject: Classes and Sub-classes   Classes and Sub-classes Icon_minitimeThu Jan 04, 2007 3:23 pm

Demonic Humans:
A human that was marked by the leader of Darkness.The only person known to have lived threw this is Cronus.And it is said the only reason he did was because of his deal he made.

Angellic Humans:
A human that is blessed by there angel.Humans have that ability to be bless.but no matter what they live.


Sub class:
Sword Master:
the master of any blade.This is the most feared Class of all for most of them are insane.they are also more advance then any other class in both speed strenght and intellect.

Axe master:
The master of all Axes.Fear for there strength.

Spear master:
The master of All spears.Fear for there speed.

User of the spear.

User of a sword.

Axe:User of the axe.

Love is over rated but Hate is a foundation
-10 Health potions
-10 antidotes
-10 eye drops
-10 elixers
-10pheonix downs
-Swift Death:sword one of the strongest swords poss
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Classes and Sub-classes
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