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 Abilities and Weapons

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Abilities and Weapons Empty
PostSubject: Abilities and Weapons   Abilities and Weapons Icon_minitimeThu Jan 04, 2007 3:25 pm

Abilities can range from anywere from Healing to Instand kill.Though The abilities have to make sence.Like it can't Kill in one shot and heal the person.
Also any instant kill Can only be used by a admin or Moderator.Ohh no one dies in this by the way you just turn into a spirit meaning you can only be seen to one person and can aid them in battle by giving some of you power but you can not do much of anything else and before you kill someone message a moderator or admin and the person so that it is arranged.

Weapons:Can be bought at stores.You name it its there.Remember its like 60 000 ad here and all weapons are there.
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Abilities and Weapons
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