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Final Fantasy Legends

a rpg for final fantasy lovers have fun
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PostSubject: Profiles   Profiles Icon_minitimeThu Jan 04, 2007 3:31 pm

in order to play you need a profile


Race:(when you become a spirit please update your profile)
Abilities:(most you can have is 10 but mods or admin can have 15)
(if you want a bodyguard please message me you can not have a bodyguard without my consent and to be a fallen angel you must also message me)

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PostSubject: Lord Abzan   Profiles Icon_minitimeThu Jan 04, 2007 3:50 pm

Name:Abzan (Lord of darkness) and body guard cleft
Age: 18human years (thousands of years old in demon years)/16human years(34,987,658years old)
Race: Head Fallen Angel(leader of darkness)/Fallen angel
Class:Full Demon/Full demon
Sub-class:none/Sword master
Apperance:leader-Profiles Angeldead
bodyguard-Profiles Northern_Cross_by_Overweight_Cat
Bio: also thrown to earth for trying to take over heaven he almost made it but michael came to overthrow him. If not he would be king.
History: lived for ever
Weapon:only bodyguard posess sword in hand
Abilities: leader has abilities beyond imagination but only goes with the percent of power he is using bodyguard knows every sword technique imaginable
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PostSubject: Re: Profiles   Profiles Icon_minitimeThu Jan 04, 2007 6:23 pm

Name: Hitokire/ \Tejina-Shi (bodyguard)
Age:16/ \17
Race: Fallen Angel/ \ Full Demon
Class: Warrior/ \ Mage
Sub-class: Swordmaster/ \ Swordmaster
Apperance:Profiles Demon11
Sword:Profiles SkullSword

Bodyguard:Profiles DarkGuyAngel

Sword:Profiles Blade_of_Lost_Gods

Bio: Raised by his parents King Abzan and Queen Leila...Was born about 2 years after they fell from heaven..

History: Taught by his father, Abzan.. And grew to love his passion for hate/ Even though older than Kitokire, Tejina-Shi still follows in his footsteps.

Weapon: Akuma Tebukuro(gauntlets), Kuragari Kikku(kick), Hakai Katana(sword)/ \ Kibishii Tsuzuruhon(spellbook), Shukaku Suru Katana(sword)

Abilities: Strong punch/kick combat skills, elite swordsmanship, and basic black and white magic / \Basic punch/kick combat skills, elite swordsmanship, and strong black and white magic.
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PostSubject: Re: Profiles   Profiles Icon_minitimeFri Jan 05, 2007 7:24 am

Name: Iscariot/Uzaan
Age: 15/Unknown
Race:General of the dark army, Fallen angel/Full deamon
Class: Sword-master/none
Appearance: Profiles Fireblades

Bodyguard: Profiles Daedra

Bio: Originally Angel and Deamon, a daemonic experiment went horribly wrong.

History: Iscariot was originally an angel, from Michaelīs family. He was famous for his skills with blades, who he, almost obsessively trained with every day. The angels began to doubt him because he, at the age of 9 still hadnīt learned how to bless. At one time when he flew around in one of the planets, he saw a daemon. The two had a long fight, but Iscariot emerged victorious. But this daemon had lasted for 4 hours, and hurt him quite badly. Iscariot saw him as the perfect training for his blades, and bound him, forcing him to his service. For long years he flew to the planet, training with the daemon. But one day, not even that was enough, he had perfected his technique with blades, now it was them who had to be perfected. He intended to force a daemon into the blades, making them much more powerful, and he took help from Uzaan, who he had almost come to care for. But the ritual went horribly wrong, and 4 daemons took their chance to escape. 2 into the blades, 1 into Uzaan, but since he was already a daemon, the only thing that happened was that he developed into his true form. And one flew into Iscariot. This fusion between holy and unholy created a warrior of unimaginable power. Though he retained his appearance, his strength, speed, magic and everything had developed. After killing his family, and with his Uzaan bound, he set out on a quest to find a worthy opponent. After travelling long time, he met Abzanīs army, and after killing several thousand men, he met Abzan himself. The two had a long fight, lasting for a full day, but Abzan won. Both warriors were brutally wounded, tired and worn. Iscariot had lost a fight for the first time, and such, swore loyalty to the fallen angel. He is now the general of the dark army, always leading the troops from the front, hoping to find another worthy addversairy.

Weapons: Nosada and Nasado, named after the daemonbrothers possessing them.

Skills and abilities: Master blade and athletic skills, also able to somewhat control the forces of nature through the daemon inside him. Able to, for short times let the daemon take control of his body, going rampage. Can fly with his wings / Incredibly strong and fast, also able to summon minor daemons and use black magic. Able to shapeshift into a small pearl, when Iscariot chooses to fly.
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PostSubject: Re: Profiles   Profiles Icon_minitime

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