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I donít need to tell you what a human is


The hallmark of the FF series. These giant birds, sort of a cross between an ostrich and a chicken, are the work horses and all-around awesome beasts of the FF universe. Usually a corn yellow in colour, their usage varies wildly from game to game. Baby chocobos are known as chicobos. their primary purpose is transportation, though usually you have to catch one to use it. Riding on a chocobo will prevent enemy encounters, and they can be upgraded to different colours. These different colors usually indicated different abilities, like being able to walk on water, mountains, or even fly.
The chocobos' trademark sound is usually "Wark!" ro "Kweh!" They have their own theme music, as well.


The Dwarves appear more than you think! Dwarves all wear horned helmets and are experts at metal-smithing. Their trademark phrase is "Lali-ho!" (which really should be "Rally-ho!". Those crazy Japanese phoenetics...). Strong but small and slow, have anger echoes but are laurel.


Like in any fantasy epic, dragons appear in a wide variety of types. Hiryuus (winged dragons) pop up occasionally througout the series, and are primarily used for travel


After chocobos, the second mainstay of the FF world are moogles. They don't have as prominent role in most of the games, but they're super-cute. Their calling cry is "Kupo!". They look kind of like white teddy bears with some cat-like features. They have an antenna-like red pom-pom on their heads and two tiny bat wings on their backs.
In Japan, they are called Mogli. For FF6, the name was translated as Moogle, but in FF7 and FF8, they were called Mogs. A moogle named "Mog" was a playable character in six.

Al Bhed (10)
Although they don't look any different than humans, they're infatuated with machina and enjoy using it, to the horror of the Yevonites. The only thing that discriminates between them and humans are their eyes, which are green and have spiraled pupils. (Yuna, who's half Al Bhed, has one green eye and one blue.) They usually cover their eyes with mechanic's goggles to avoid detection. They speak their own unique dialect that consists of switching one letter of the alphabet for another. ^^; Rikku's dad, Cid, leads the Al Bhed.

Bangaa (TA)
Lizard-like people with high physical power. Their jobs include Bishop, Defender, Dragoon, Gladiator, Templar, Warrior, and White Monk.

Burmecians (9)
These people live in Burmecia and Cleyra. They vaguely resemble rat-people with rabbit ears or Viera. Their society is based on togtherness, family, and close community. They are fairly religious, having priests and rituals involving dancing. Freya Crescent is a Burmecian.

Cetra (7)
Also known as the Ancients, the only one we see in the game is Ifalna, Aeris's mother. They look similar to humans, but are magical in nature. Full Cetra are extinct; Aeris is a half-Cetra, half-human.

Clavats (CC)
The Clavats are centered in the Fields of Fum, but also lived in Tipa, maybe have lived in Tida, and can be found elsewhere. They are considered to be the glue that binds the four tribes together, as they are said to value unity and friendship above all. They generally appear quite human, and are very similar to Selkies, except they tend to be slightly stockier and have generally hair ranging only from blonde to black. They have higher defense and skill in magic.

Elvaan (11)
Elvaans look similar to the Elves from Lord of the Rings, with long flattened triangular ears that stick out, and typically tall and thin body structures. However, their behavior is unlike their nature-loving lookalikes. This race has a strict code of conduct, and a history of conflict with other races and occupation of lands. They are the founders of the two legendary orders of knights in San d'Oria. Their skill in swords and sword fighting have superseded their place in the world of economics and business, preferring sparse lifestyles. Arrogant in nature, their strength lies in physical combate, not in magic.

Galka (11)
The hulking brutes of FF11, they apparently only come in male, and were the first sentient beings to rise to dominance in the land. Their capital city fell 600 years ago by ant monsters, and they've been scattered ever since, sailing to the otherside of the world where their enemies could not follow. A concentration of them eventually settled in Bastok, the capital city of Vana'diel at the time, and assisted with its construction. They tend to have a dislike for members of the Hume race. Due to their physical prowess, their magic abilities can only reach average at best, and they tend to be the race least used in FF11.

Gargant (9)
A huge bug which travels underground upside-down. People can travel using them by luring them with their favorite food (some kind of stalk) and either hanging onto their backs, or using a special carriage rigged up underneath them. Their homes are called "roos".

Genome (9)
These are bodies created by the Terrans (they have tails for some strange reason): with minds, but with no souls. They exist to wait for when Terra takes over Gaia, and then the Terran souls will enter the Genome bodies. Garland, the caretaker of Terra, gave souls to several of them to speed up the takeover process; two of those were Zidane and Kuja.

Guado (10/X-2)
Sneaky bastards. They're mostly Yevon's lackeys, although eventually they start to regret their actions. They're fiercely loyal to each other and refuse to air their dirty laundry in public. Such ideas, of course, culminated with Seymour. *shudder*

Hypello (10/X-2)
A whimsical little alien-looking creature, they mainly serve as ferrymen for the shoopuf travel path along the Moonflow. Although very fast in water, their lackadaisical attitude makes them disinclined to the pressures of playing blitzball. The barkeep on the Celcius in FFX-2 is also a Hypello.

Imps (Kappa JP) (6)
They're really just a respite from the Frog status ailment which appeared in FF3, FF7, and Tactics, but they're way cooler! Kind of a cross between a turtle and a lizard, they wear little crowns on their heads and have an entire set of their own equipment. Kappa the Imp seems to be a quite popular character. (The original Japanese name of this status was "Kappa". This was translated as Imp for the American FF6, however, there's a character called Kappa who appears once in the game.)

Lilties (CC)
The Clavats are mostly found in Alfitaria and Marrs Pass, the old centers of the Liltie Empire. They are the strongest and most physically able of all the tribes, despite their short stature. They once nearly conquered the world. They are often passionate, and quick to anger, although down to earth. They appear short, with big eyes and pink and yellow hair, with stout, almost bulbous bodies.

Lufenish (1)
An ancient race still living on the earth, but their language is forgotten by all. A professor named Dr. Unne unlocks the secret to their tongue using an old Slab (the Rosetta Stone). They tell an amazing story of long ago...

Lunarians (4)
They look odd, but they're wise beyond their looks. Actually, they look wise. They're an ancient culture who live on the moon, but who are sleeping now. The only two Lunarians who come into the game are FuSoYa and Zemus. FuSoYa, at least, looks like an old man who for some reason melts into a puddle when wounded.

Mermaids (1)
Same deal as Elves. They live in the Sunken Shrine.

Mithra (11)
Balancing out the Galka, they are only playable in female form. Males are apparently few in number so they stay in the protection of home and protect the children. They are cat-like in appearance, similar to their allies, the TaruTaru, and have enjoyed a prosperous existence in the Federation of Windurst. Like cats, they are playful, curious, and prone to mischief. They are best at being theives, rangers, ninja, and mages with their high dexterity and agility.

Moomba (8 )
These furry red guys are actually members of the Shumi Tribe who have evolved into cute little toy bears. They can supposedly be summoned in battle if you have a PocketStation. Laguna took a liking to them and tried to teach them to talk, but all they could ever say was "Laguna!" Despite this, they're smarter than they look. They also appear in FF10 and FFX-2 as dolls held by Lulu or by Yuna's Mascot.

Nu Mou (9)
A doggy-looking species, who are very talented when it comes to the magical fields, and can speak with monsters. Their jobs include Alchemist, Beastmaster, Black Mage, Illusionist, Morpher, Sage, Time Mage, and White Mage

Oglop (9)
A kind of bouncing round bug which supposedly freaks women out. Cid Fabool, ruler of Lindblum, was turned into one of these by his wife and remains a rather large oglop with a ridiculous moustache for most of the game.

PuPu (8 )
A little blue alien that appears in certain regions. He controls the spaceship that takes the cows, Moai, etc. If you find him, he'll probably want an elixir. If you give it to him, he may respond favorably. They also appear in FFX and FFX-2 as dolls held by Lulu or by Yuna's Mascot. And one makes a brief appearance in FF: Unlimited.

Qu (9)
A hilarious-looking tribe which mostly live in moist, swamp-like places. Their most prominent feature is their huge tongue, which is always out. They're food fanatics, and have made a kind of food culture. No one knows what gender any given Qu is, and no one wants to find out. Frogs are their all-time favorite. Quina Quen is a fine specimen of the species.

Ronso (10/X-2)
Big stupid-looking folk with lion faces and a horn in the middle of their forehead. Led by Kelk Ronso. Kimahri Ronso is part of your group, too. They live on Mount Gagazet and are by and large dedicated to Yevon.

Selkies (CC)
The Selkies are the most selfish of the races, and believe that all things in the world were originally theirs. They have a reputation as thieves and are generally rejected in all villages except Clavatian ones. Because of their questionable lifestyle, they are the fastest and most agile of the tribes. They appear similar to the Clavats, but often have hair in a variety of colors and are generally skinnier. The women also appear to be better endowed than their Clavatian counterparts.

Shoopuf (10)
A strange water-bound elephant used for traveling purposes. It apparently doesn't eat, seeming to nourish itself from zooplankton it inhales from its long snout. The Hypello tribe drive shoopuf ferries across the Moonflow

Shumi (8 )
Shumi live only in the underground in the Trabia continent. They have yellow complexions and large oddly-shaped hands, and wear robes. They "evolve" into different forms depending on what's in their hearts. They all call themselves by their jobs (Artisan, Specialist, etc.) and they speak of themselves in third person. The only place they live is in the Shumi Village on Trabia continent. They are peaceful, and only allow merchants into their home. However they made one exception for Laguna, who they nursed back to health after he jumped off the cliff. All the Garden Faculty and NORG are shumis.

TaruTaru (11)
TaruTaru look very childlike, with brownish button noses and chipmunk-like attributes. They are highly skilled in magic arts, making up for their lack of strength. They are dedicated and hard-working people, heavily responsible for the rebuilding of Windurst, their home, after the Crystal War.

Tonberry (11)
Tonberries were once an ancient race of (probably) humans who populated Vana'diel, and were changed to their current form through a massive magic explosion during a war. For the most part, they are enemies you will find and fight. However, a lot of tonberries are NPC's as well, involved in multiple quests/missions. (See also Monsters: Tonberry)

Varg (5,6)
Vargs are werewolves, essentially. They have no prominent presence in any game, and they are very easy to overlook. The only two characters who are vargs are the bit parts of Kelga Vlondett from FF5 and Lone Wolf from FF6.

Viera (TA)
A completely female tribe of bunny-ladies (no, I don't know how baby Vieras are made). They're fast on their feet and have great accuracy. Their jobs include Archer, Assassin, Elementalist, Fencer, Red Mage, Sniper, Summoner, and White Mage.

Yukes (CC)
The Yukes are primarily concentrated in Shella. They are the most proficient in magic, and were the only tribe able to resist the Lilties in ages past. They are the tallest, and most strangely clothed of all the tribes. It is guessed that the Yukes perhaps sacrificed their bodies to increase their magical powers. They are often calm and wise. They appear often quite tall, wear ornate helmets, have small wings, and wear bizarre clashing clothes.

Cactuars (also known as Cactuer, Qactuar, Qactaur, Sabotender, and Cactrot) are typically depicted having stiff arms and legs, three black dots on their faces representing two eyes, an oblong mouth and three red quills at the top of their heads. They have their own language (mostly consisting of variations of the word "Ge-ka", which resemble squawks and warbles to the ear). A Cactuar also cannot stand getting wet, as it weakens them. They are best known for their defensive attack, 1000 Needles (also called Blow Fish), which does exactly 1000 hit points of damage to an opponent, regardless of defenses

humanoid makina

As the world has developed so has the use in technology and makina research to a limit and because of this, certain beings where created to assist others. these humanoid makina are not really a species but a artificially created helper who are made for certain purposes, although they can appear human and some may be able to be programmed to act human by there creators they have no real emotions and will follow there masters orders without question. There strengths of there kind are that they are highly durable and able to calculate things with precise precision, but are not able to make risky choices on there own and only able to learn what they are programmed to.
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