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The Alchemist

The Alchemist class can use items in a fraction of the time for double the effectiveness (and can even use "free" items using Stash) and can also mix up items for special effects.

Rangers and Hunters

In addition to arrow abilities, Rangers and hunters have forest-related abilities such as detecting monsters or hiding from them. Their resistance to Poison increases along with their combat abilities. They can use bows, swords, daggers, and clubs.


Beastmasters learn abilities that control monsters in different ways (commanding them to attack, stop attacking, etc.) as they go up in levels. They also gains bonuses to damaging different types of monsters, as well as resistance to Slow effects.


Although Berserkers cast Berserk on themselves, but often canít be controlled in battle. They have a variety of "auto" abilities like Counter and Regen, and they can cause major damage and nasty status conditions. Use simple weapons like axes, sword or their hands to fight

Black Mages

black Mages have special abilities. Their magic power and mp recovery goes up with level. They use staves, staff, daggers, and clubs. They usually start off with one spell and Focus, which raises their magic power during battle. Can only cast elemental magic, but they can also absorb MP from some enemies.


A really weird generic Job, the Calculator is VERY slow in battle and has to learn three skills before they can do anything at all. they use math magic to hit enemies for specific damage. they equip books for weapons and sport a whacked-out mohawk. But they always know what there doing in combat like a computer seeing ingenious tactic to overcome there enemies.

The Songstress's

The Songstress's or dancers can affect either enemies or allies; they sing for long moments of time. Some times with poison and hast as long as the dance or sing usually very alluring attractive people and tend to wear clothes that are very frilly and pretty but not appropriate for battle

Dark Knights

Dark Knights have the Darkness ability, plus several others to cause damage. Although they're very slow, they also have very high stats. Several of their attacks damage the user to inflict heavy damage on the enemy. usually plated with heavy armour are usually very dark characters.


Besides the Jump command dragoon are fast with high strength. Usually they fight with spears to have some range to their attacks. Can sometimes speak to dragons and even use theri abilities after a lot of training. Most having some unkown bonds to dragons.

Fighter (monks)

Using hand to hand combat of all kinds, like kick boxing and judo. Often not using weapon or armour they loose out on some strength, although in other ways their better off, because their fast on there feet and always ready to fight. The way they fight is by using combination attacks that seem never to end with hand to hand combat.


These are the people who call Summons into battle. Summoners generally equip rods or staffs. They usually have two-coloured robes and a small horn jutting forward from their hoods (or heads). Summoners use their own monsters to do their dirty work. In this world every summoner can only summon one beast to do there will and as long as the summoner lives the beast canít die by theory, but can be hurt to a state where they are unable to fight running out of power. (there is no summoning of the grand summons like pheinox or Bahamit thou, this is also in rules thread). Summoners are usually very weak on most stats but there magic power is directly linked to their summon as they are beasts made of pure magic.


Trainers can take on as many animals as they can handle but start with one or two, but animals can die in fights. Although the animals with them maybe strong the trainer is always weaker because of having to keep the pet strong and can only use spells to aid the animals. Spending most there lives with their pets they train and become close to them, the trainer often takes on traits of there favourite animal in there dressing style. But keep in mind animals are living creatures that can have emotions and not spell bound creatures like summons but creatures that rely on physical strength.


The gamblers main method of attack is dice and slots. They can also allow your party to earn double Gil, items, or experience after battle. All though it a 50/50 chances you will do nothing, you can pull off the most damage in a fight. In this rp you can us the dice in the posting to use attacks. Gamblers are a cocky bunch but can also be quite alluring and always value gil highly and love challenging the odds.


Warriors can use elemental sword attacks, "break" an enemy's stats, or delay their turns. Mostly warriors use swords to fight with, well rounded physical strength but little magical power, often there bet move is the simple attack. They are fighters who fight for others proving themselves to be dedicated warriors who seek honour and glory showing great valour in battle.

Red Mage

Red mages have the ability to cast two spells at once and cast spells faster as well as having a good strength to back it up, but it may sound like a strong job type, but red mages can never learn high level spell or high level attacks of most kinds. They attack a lot like Fencers equip rapiers and use them to great effect poison, MP damage, piercethroughs, or even attacking from long range.


Now here's an anomaly: a Job which is completely useless. It's basically a joke; the only thing these guys can do is equip the best armor and weapons in the game (but only the best, nothing in between); they have no abilities, can only use knives, and all their stats suck. They look like kids with little visors. Incidentally, FF10's Lulu's best weapon was an Onion Knight doll.


Samurais are a nice alternative to Warrior, with excellent attack abilities. They can also use good old Spare Change. Samurai also have the ability to Draw Out special effects from their katanas, at the risk of breaking them. They are ones who hone there skills to become masters at their craft often considered loners.

White Mage

This character casts healing and sometimes status changing magic, as well as holy attack magic. They can equip staffs, and sometimes flails. They wear white robes and hoods, tinged with red. White Mages come with the Pray and Vigor abilities that increase HP by a bit. They are also the only job that can cast life and recovery with great effect. Often they are underestimated and shy characters.


The main feature of this character is the ability to steal items from enemies. When coupled with an attack, this is called Capture or usually Mug. Thieves can be equipped with duel weapons like knives. They usually wear green with matching green bandannas. But items arenít the only thing they can steal, they can still an opponents life, mp and even time. they are ether very sneaky playful characters or cut throats that would stab you in the back.


A very fluid character. Most Ninjas can throw weapons and shurikens, as well as equip two swords at once. They wear red or purple ninja suits most of the time. Experts at camouflage they can sneak up on their enemies silently and are able move swiftly in battle. good at ranged attacks while on the move.

Blue Mage

Blue Mages are characters who learn moves from enemies they fight in battle. They sometimes wear a blue mask and can equip swords and armour like Red Mages. Generally, Blue Magic can only be learned if the magic is cast on the Blue Mage by the enemy or monster. Blue mage don't take on the stats of the monster they learn from but can cast there attack at any point once learnt from them.


Like it sounds, Gunners can use guns. A variety of offensive abilities are in use, including the rapid-fire Trigger Happy. Using guns of all shapes and sizes Gunners are also users of magical bullets that can cast status problems. they are also good sharp shooter.


wearing outfits reminiscent of elves/gnomes complete with bobble hat and fighting with bells. Yes, bells. They have the ability to use the terrain they're fighting on to attack. Such as making landslides and so on. nature is their ally.


Morphers can "change" into various monsters (you have to capture them first). He doesn't actually become the monster, he just takes over the monster's abilities. he has full control over what he does while "morphed". For weapons, he uses the souls of the captured monsters. when he takes on the form of the monster it takes on all the stats and disabilities of that monster.


Puppetmasters use a single device called an "automaton", a puppet. It fights with direction from the puppetmaster. This is the main tool of their job. They have their own inventory and parts, and can be upgraded from the standard fighter/mage model to three different forms: Valoredge (warrior), Sharpshot (ranged), and Stormwaker (magic). They also have slots for attachments. Puppetmasters use elemental manoeuvres to direct the puppet like fire manoeuvres and also focus on repairing, controlling, etc. only on your puppet can you control its will.

Time Mages

They deal with Time/Dimension magic, which always includes spells like Haste, Slow, and Stop, usually some others like Blind and Demi, and at least one attack spell like Meteor or Comet. They can equip rods, and wear robes and pointy princess caps. Often having obsessions with clocks and you never see any without at least one.


Jugglers cause slight damage accompanied by status ailments like Stop or Charm. They can also throw stocked weapons, or allow an ally to act immedately. They equip knives. Always being able to use the ability throw, so have to carry a lot of items around with them.
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are we allowed two classes like in ff 11 a main and a sub ?
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es you can but the most is 2 until you are a mod
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