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PostSubject: Profiles   Profiles Icon_minitimeThu Dec 28, 2006 11:46 am

this is the format you can not roleplay until this is accepted
Name of Character:
Race:(You may be any well known fantasy race. Please no sci-fi races and of course preferably a Final fantasy race.
Class:(you know like summoner,dragoon,beastmaster can only be 2 different but moderators can be 3)
Appearance:(a picture of your person if you are a beastmaster have a picture of your pet)



Skills and Magical abilities: (No telepaths please)

Weapons: (When you begin you will start with basic weapons which have no major attributes.)

on your signiture youmust show an invetor
you will get abegginers pack which contains
- $500
- begginers health potion
-basic weapon goes with your job
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PostSubject: Re: Profiles   Profiles Icon_minitimeThu Dec 28, 2006 2:25 pm

Name of Character:shadzar
Hometown:none abandoned at birth
appearance:Profiles ShadowWarrior4
pet:Profiles DarkgothicfantasyDRAGONpainting_275

Personality: very very self kept will only talk to his pet named demonican

History: it seemed that when shadzar was born his parents felt some way of evil in him they tried giving him to the orphanage but after 5 weeks they sent him back they tried everything but nothing worked so they took him into dark woods and abandoned him to die. later on demonican found him and took him to his den with his other children demonican raised him until 11 where shadzar relised his true power . he soon started training as a beastmaster and dark knight but soon found out he had powers of a darkknight. so being warrior and darkknight he was faster that a normal darkknight and more skilled than a normal warrior and if he was in a tight squeeze demonican would come to help. so after 5 years of training he was ready to traval the world to become the strongest darknight ever
and to find his parents and kill them!
Skills and Magical abilities: very good with swords and has very unusual dark majic abilities xan bend the space and time continuem
Weapons: swift death (in hand)
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PostSubject: Re: Profiles   Profiles Icon_minitimeFri Dec 29, 2006 6:57 am

Name of character: Jocie

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Race: Viera

Class: Assassin/Sniper

Hometown: A bandit camp, always on the move

Profiles Viera007

Personality: Cold, sad, but fun at times.

History: Raised by Viera bandits since she was born, she had been training her entire life.
After her first raid at the age of 9, it was clear that this was no ordinary Viera. Having not only felled countless enemies with her bow, but petrifying a Bangaa when he was about to strike her down. After the retreat back, the bandits fell into a trap, it was obvious that someone had told about them, and as the first wave of Templars and Paladins approached, she saw her older sister, Emma, who had always beaten her in everything, silently withdraw from the battlefield. The only survivors that day was Jocie and her master, Visa. During the raid, Jocies talents had developed even further, though deadly with the bow, she had showed the skills of a masterassassin. So Visa took it on her to train Jocie in the ways of the assassin and sniper, and after 6 long years, she was finally ready. Emma would die, and so would anyone else who stood in her way!

Skills and abilities: A deadly archer, able to accuratelly hit the weak points of an enemy, immoblizing or inflicting other status allignments. Also able to use Assassin and sniper abilities, though she has yet to master most of them.

Weapon: Oathbringer (in hand) and Zabazano (her assassin knife)
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PostSubject: Re: Profiles   Profiles Icon_minitimeSun Dec 31, 2006 1:46 pm

Name of Character: Kinji

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Beastmaster/gunner

Hometown: Belaid Island

Appearance: Profiles Dante

Pet: Profiles 1140640993_Fire

Personality: Stays to himself most of the time... Only trusts other humans… Very short temper and if provoked he becomes a very dangerous opponent, or ally... Also very self confident…

History: Born and raised on Belaid Island, Attended class with Squall… I am the one that taught Squall how to combine gun and sword techniques…

He was a very good gunner indeed Is father had taught him everything he knew but one day when they were out fishing a giant shark controoled by a mysterious warrior attacked Kinji's father and killed him. Kinji got away just in time but no one believed his story and thought he had killed his father and was forced to leave the village.

Later he found a beast made of fire it looked almost like ifrit and they became friends.Later a hurrivane happened washing kinji away to sea where he woke up on belaid island. foundby squall and friends.

Skills and Magical abilities: Very fast with a blade, and a gun…. Knows basic level white magic, and black magic, but is skilled with fire spells.

Weapons: Banishing blade ( on back ), Fire Fourty-Fives, and Retched Revolvers.
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PostSubject: Re: Profiles   Profiles Icon_minitimeFri Jan 05, 2007 2:52 am

Name of Character:Shadow Fayte black
Class:samurai/Black mage
Appearance: Profiles Shadow-no-alchemist
Personality:Some say demonic some say Quiet others say nothing because this man is a very lonely char and keeps to himself (does not speak often)

History: Raised by a foo yung due to his parents death (supposidly bandit's)
Foo yung was a well respected man and know as a very good trainer with the sword and other arts , one day foo yung sent fayte to go to the village to fetch supplies for that meal that day to faytes horror his master was killed and so fayte is alone fueled by the hatred to extract revenge and to clean all impurity's off this land, and this is where the real story begins to find the the killer of both his parents and his master he only has one clue to go apon and that is the eyes of his killer for that is all he saw
Skills and Magical abilities:v.good with swords and black magic poor with shield's and not good with h. Armour

Weapons: (2x) Katana
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PostSubject: Re: Profiles   Profiles Icon_minitimeTue Apr 10, 2007 3:44 pm

Name of Character: Cwain Vallance
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human, as human as humans go.
Class: Warrior/Sword master.
Hometown: A small town on Killika island called Biall
Clan:Not aligned
Appearance:((right, i suck at art in all forms so im just going to use a sprite recolour i did)) Profiles Cwaincloudrecolour

Personality: A silent, but confident warrior. He has staunt brown eyes that are always watching and anticipating. What few words he does utter have very nasty effects.

History:Cwain was rais in Biall, a small town on the reverse side of Killika. He was an ordinary boy. ordinary teenager. But then his family was kidnapped and murdered by pirates. At this, he vowed revenge. But still leads a normal life. His only left family is his 40 year old sister, Alexandria.

Skills and Magical abilities: Has been know to use various sword skills. Occasionally uses Ultima, firega thunderga, blizzardga and other high ranking spells. He prefers his sword and normally only uses magic as a back-up.

Weapons: Huge sword with bright silver/whiteish blade (in hand) with crimson red rimmings. called Ash-Nova.

*correction, his sister isn't 40, shes 14.
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